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2D, 3D animation or something in-between, we have the right solution for you. Let us bring your creative ideas to life! With over 50 years of combined animation experience not only is your project in safe hands, but the results will leave your clients begging for more.

Motion Graphics

Let our unique style breathe new life into your motion graphic needs. We have artists who span the globe and bring the knowledge of multiple disciplines to create stunning and dynamic visual wonders! Lets see what we can do together!


Whether your final product is live action or animation or a combination thereof, our combined years of experience in the film, television and video game worlds will hone your ideas to a razor sharpness guaranteed to dazzle!

Visual Effects

Compositing, lighting, animation and digital effects have been in some blockbuster films. Our team has worked at some of the highest end studios in Hollywood and the world. Big or small, let us help bring your visuals to life!


Our previz artists have worked across the spectrum from film to commercials to video game cinematics. We bring our brightest and best to help take your ideas to whole new heights. Lets work together to create something EPIC!
Let STRONGHOLD take your visual projects to the next level
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